Movie Monday Recap

Hysterical in the beginning, a little slow through the middle, but with a good ending. Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern are great.
Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon are adorable in this RomCom together. A great movie date movie or one just for you when you want a good laugh.
I LOVE this movie. For the newbie, it can be confusing, you have to pay close attention due to the time jumps (with no warning). But the story and performances are wonderful.
Strange, but good. Christina Ricci is suitably creepy as Lizzie Borden.
The brat pack. Or at least some of them. Though I can't watch without wondering which of his co-stars Rob Lowe slept with.
Plot was a tad weak. Though the two leads did a credible job.
It was okay. Really liked Ethan Embry and wish his character had more to do. Think the originally ending might have been better.
Hmmm. Not great, but not bad either. I did laugh when Josh's character turned his car on and the theme song to Dawson's Creek came on. Cheap laugh, but funny. That song will follow him forever.


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