Monday Movie Recap

Creepy for sure. I had to cover my eyes in some parts (grossness factor). Acting is great. And boy was I surprised by the ending.
LOVE THIS MOVIE. Tom Hanks is great as the OCD cop and Hooch is his perfect foil.
You have to watch this movie! One of Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline's best. Some of the best dialogue in a romcom.
HILARIOUS! Finally saw it from start to finish (caught the end once and wasn't impressed) with my mom. So funny. I laughed so hard I cried multiple times. 
A gem of an animated film. Like to rewatch here and there. Lots of laughs and clever.
Kids like it. But I've never been that fond of it. There are laughs here and there, but I feel they missed something with this one.
Cute 80s flick. Tom Selleck shines in his scenes with the baby and the grocery store.


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