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Cover Reveal: Finding Our Forever by Lan LLP

Finding Our Forever 
Forever #2 
Lan LLP 
Releasing Sept 2014

Tragedy Strikes Again

Now weaved into Carson Bradley's web of boundless wealth and pharmaceutical rivalries, Lillian Ly is altering the course of her bright academic future. She’s determined to follow the beat of her devoted heart even after a devastating loss she'd suffered as a result of a deliberate accident.  With two missing researchers whose survival is based on a drug formula that Carson is unable to deliver, he fears the kidnappers will stop at nothing to get what they want—meaning Lillian’s life is also in danger. 

Can they find their forever with all the danger that still lies ahead?

Guilt gnaws at his conscience with each passing day, but despite his shame, he still can’t let her go. She is the flame to his fire, the soul of his heart. Without her by his side, he is just a body without a warm pulse.  Desperate to obtain the missing drug components and keep Lillian safe, Carson becomes overbearing and unreasonable.  Lillian’s strong-will tears them emotionally apart, stirring thoughts of doubt for their future. She knows she loves him irrevocably, but can she survive in his volatile world?

Over a long year ago, I picked up a pen and wrote the first sentence of a fantasy that I’ve imagined ever since I was a daydreaming little girl—minus the steamy parts of course. That initial sentence was the seed that grew into my flowering romance book, “Beginning with Forever.” With all my heart, I wrote, rewrote, edited, re-edited and now, I’m finally ready to share it with all of you. My one and only aspiration for this book is to have readers embrace my story and characters with their heart. If I can make someone laugh till their gut hurts, hate with vengeance, cry till their eyes dry out, fall in love all over again, drool over the hero or feel any other emotions, than I’ve succeeded my goal.

I’m the sappiest person in the world when it comes to romance. Don’t laugh! I believe in love at first sight, Prince Charming or Mr. Hot Billionaire in my book, and happy endings. In my heart, every women deserves all three, and they will when they lose themselves in my books. Your fantasy can become your reality with just the flip of a page, so come join me.


Forever Series #1 
Now Available

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New Releases and #Giveaway: Polliannah Got Married! and Vincent Mallory Edgerton by Danielle-Clause Ngontang MBA

Polliannah Got Married!

Sémya Slotin Mystery Book Three

By: Danielle-Claude Ngontang MBA

Releasing June 16th, 2014


The truth this time, and nothing but the truth…

Polliannah Koch Guryev is in trouble and her boyfriend is dead. It's not the first time amateur sleuth Sémya Slotin finds herself on the first plane to rescue her best friend, but nothing's prepared her for what she finds in Toronto. Polliannah is a widow and her late husband John Allen was a hit man for the powerful Dovos family. What did they want from her? Why is this happening? One thing they do know: their carefree life back in London is officially over.

Sémya’s long-time boyfriend Josh Heinz knows more than he lets on, but as usual he’s not telling her anything. In fact, everyone knows more but nobody’s talking. But that never stops Sémya Slotin, Detective Extraordinaire, from finding out the truth beneath the lies…

But at what cost? Old conspiracies and secrets resurface that put them all in peril. Sémya’s worst fears about her relationship with Josh and his past are confirmed, and the rift between them may never heal.

Sémya and Polliannah’s world is falling apart. Will they be able to come out of this stronger?

Oh, and did I mention that Polliannah got married?

Note: This book is part of the series and is not a complete standalone. However, it can be enjoyed without reading Bird of Prey and The Plot Thickens first.

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Vincent Mallory Edgerton

Sémya Slotin Mystery Book Four

By: Danielle-Claude Ngontang MBA

Releasing July 16th, 2014


Every love story has a beginning.

Sémya Slotin had been coasting through life solving one mystery after another. While in Hawaii, her young protégée disappeared. When Sémya met Josh Heinz, her mind kept telling her to stay away from the handsome stranger with the hypnotic light brown eyes but she found herself inexplicably drawn to him. He awakened something in her and she was unable to resist him. It never happened to her before. Who was that man?

In Hawaii, Vincent had to work covertly with the sexy bold sleuth. Sémya’s beauty and intellect completely enthralled him, but his passion and growing love for her also changed him. There was nothing he wouldn’t do to finally win her trust and keep her safe, causing him to unleash events that would shape the rest of their lives. From the moment their gazes locked, Sémya and Vincent sealed their fate.

This is the final chapter of the Bird of Prey Saga.

Note: This book is part of the series and is not a standalone. You might be able to enjoy without reading Bird of Prey and The Plot Thickens first BUT I really advise to read Polliannah Got Married! first.

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Author Info

I’m over 30.

I was born in Quebec City, Canada.

I grew up in France and in Gabon.

I speak English & French fluently.

Pizza is my favorite dish.

Black Forest Cake is my favorite dessert.

I met Michael Jackson when I was eleven.

I loathe vodka but love gin, wine and tequila.

I'm obsessed with Robbie Williams and Michael Fassbender.

I call Toronto my home.

I love reading.

I love dancing.

I love watching exciting TV shows.

I love my life... most days.

I'm a major goof.

I can't stand intolerance.

I'm curious, cheeky and oh so opinionated!

Author Links

Author website:

Blogger website Danielle-Claude Indie Book Reviews:

Twitter: @weissdaughter

Facebook Author Page:

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Rafflecopter Giveaway (An early paperback copy of “THE COMPLETE BIRD OF PREY SAGA”, Sémya Slotin Mystery Book 1-4 (US, CA, UK only) release date September 15th.)
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Movie Monday Recap

I love this movie. Watch it every couple of years. Harrison and Kelly are great. Keep your eyes open and you'll spot a young Vigo Morgenstern.
If you haven't seen this movie, what is wrong with you? I actually didn't think it was great the first time I saw it. But then I watched it the second time and DVD and realized it is f-ing brilliant. Now it's one of my fave movies.
I didn't hear very good things when it was in the theaters so I cancelled my plans to see it. After watching it on DVD, I so wish I had seen it in the theater. I was engaged and couldn't wait to find out the end. Want to see it again to see if it holds my attention as keenly now that I know the puzzle.
I really wanted to like this movie. But it just didn't hold my attention through a lot of it. I did enjoy the ending. I think there might have been too much before we got to the robocop part. Which feels odd to say for me as I usually get mad when movies skip the important before stuff and jump right into the action.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Q&A and #Giveaway: Blue Midnight by Tess Thompson

Blue Midnight
Blue Mountain #1
Lanigan Clan Collection

By: Tess Thompson

Q&A with Tess Thompson

What was the spark or initial idea that started your book?

I've always been fascinated by the idea of searching for your long lost love, having known several people who reconnected with their first loves later in life. What happens when you find them? Are the feelings the same as when you saw them last? Is there a second chance for happiness?

What was your favorite part of writing this book?

I loved writing every part of this book! It's the first time I've written the narrative in first person and I enjoyed it immensely because I could really get inside Blythe's head and convey her most intimate thoughts along with the action of the story.

What is your favorite line from your book?

My favorite line is Blythe's description of her white minivan, nicknamed the "White Whale". In real life I have a white minivan, which I also affectionately refer to as the "White Whale".

"The White Whale was like me—over one hundred thousand miles on it and still going strong, despite a messy interior and a dent or two."

What movie or television show would you say is most like your book in tone, topic, and/or characters?

This is a hard question! I would have to say it's tone is like "Love Actually", in that it's about several different kinds of love.

If your book was made into a movie and you got to design the movie poster, what would the tagline say?

"Blue Midnight" How far would you go to find you long lost love?


“If you change your mind, here’s this.” Finn Lanigan kissed a young Blythe Heywood one last time under an Idaho star-scattered sky. Then she left, returning to her fiancé and the wedding she’d committed to. It was the last kiss that ever weakened her knees, the last sky she noticed for over a dozen years.

Thirteen years later, newly divorced, she finds the forgotten slip of paper in the back of drawer.

Finn Lanigan - 208-555-2004

She’d tossed it years before, hadn’t she? Surely she had, in one of the moments that first year of marriage when her loyalty was resolute. Apparently not. Here it lived. Her temptation. Her road not taken.
Facing three weeks without her young daughters, she sets out to find the man she left behind so long ago. With only the name of the small town where he once lived, Peregrine, Idaho, and the memory of their last kiss under a starry sky, she heads across the Pacific Northwest in search of him.

What she finds in the foothills of Blue Mountain and the tiny town of Peregrine changes her life forever. But it is her destiny and destinies cannot be denied.

The first book of the Lanigan Clan Collection, laced with Thompson’s complex and diverse characters, “Blue Midnight” is a mature love story about second chances, family and the complexities of trust and vulnerability after betrayal.

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Author Info

Tess Thompson is a novelist and playwright with a BFA in Drama from the University of Southern California. In 2011 she released her first novel, Riversong, which subsequently became a best seller.

Like her main character in the Legley Bay collection, Tess is from a small town in Oregon. She currently lives in a suburb of Seattle, Washington with her two young daughters, Emerson and Ella, and their puppy Patches. She is inspired daily by the view of the Cascade Mountains from her home office window.

Tess is working on her next novel and regularly blogs about her journey as a mother, author and friend at

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Rafflecopter Giveaway (Digital Copy of BLUE MIDNIGHT)

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Encounter at Shalana by Angelia Almos #FREE on #Amazon for Five Days

Space pirate Captain Kristy Ryan grew up the only daughter of a notorious privateer in the Border Planet Region. She learned her trade the hard way – there were no free rides on her father’s ship.

Now, she has her own ship, the Unicorn, and successfully works in the shadows, the fringes of legitimate trade. Her life is just how she wants it even on those days when her pilot and lover, Andrew Bennet, drives her crazy.

But an unexpected visit from the Military Space Alliance changes everything. Her father disappeared while working a dangerous mission for the MSA. Now, she’s being blackmailed into finishing his mission.

Release Day and #Giveaway: Veiled Target by Robin Bielman

Enter to Win
$15.00 eGift Card of Winners Choosing

Veilers #1
Robin Bielman
Released July 22nd, 2014

Never take Fate along on a date. The kiss goodnight could be deadly.

Tracking down Veilers—non humans—is only a sideline for Tess Damon. Vengeance for her fiancé’s murder is her reason for living. But with two botched jobs on her record, if she fails to eliminate her next mark, she’s dead. She’s not afraid to die, but not before she gets even. Too bad fate has a really bad sense of humor.

Hugh Langston, a wolfen half shifter, lives to keep both humans and his pack safe. But when rogue humans kidnap his apprentice, his rescue mission is compromised by a hot-as-hell, kick-ass woman who makes him think only one thing: mine.

Tess tries to ignore her feelings, but temptation trips her up. Especially when Hugh figures out he’s her next target and forces her into an inconvenient alliance that tests all the laws against their attraction. Now, with the line between good and evil getting blurrier by the minute, it becomes clear Tess’s only hope of living to see another day—and finding a murderer—lies with the one man she’s supposed to kill.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

“Cut the crap, Tess. Why were you following me?”
“How do you know I was following you?” Oops. She meant to say, “What makes you think I was following you?”
He gave a knowing smile—that looked ridiculously sexy rather than irritating. “I know you don’t want to insult my intelligence so let’s just say for argument’s sake, if you were following me, why would that be?”
At least she’d gotten him to change his tone.
“Truthfully?” She leaned a little closer to him. She couldn’t help it.
“That would be nice.”
“I’m really not a very nice person,” she announced.
“Neither am I.” He reached out and moved a strand of hair behind her ear.
Was he trying to confuse her? Because it was working. She’d nearly fallen into his hand before he pulled it away. He was indeed a very bad man.
“That’s good. I hate nice guys. So where does that leave us?”
“I haven’t got all night, Tess.” He lowered his chin, indicating—she presumed—he was growing tired of their banter.
She lifted an eyebrow. “No? That’s too bad. I’m a night owl. I can—”
“Answer my question before I haul you to your car over my shoulder.” His tone sent a little zing of pleasure right to the tips of her breasts.
“As if you could—” She was over his shoulder in one second flat. He moved swiftly, quietly and with superhuman strength. Uh oh. “Hey, put me down!”
He started down the alley, seemingly unbothered by her spastic attempts to get him to let her go. “You ready to walk and talk now?”
“Fine,” she conceded, although the view of his backside was pretty damn good.
When both feet securely hit the ground, she tugged down her dress and shifted the V-neck into place. He watched her squirm to put the rest of the material back where it belonged and his roving eyes heated her from the inside out.
“I followed you because I wanted to help.”
He started walking. “Do I look like I need help?” A little gleam—and major interest?—flickered in his sideways glance.
“Well, no. But I’m very capable and I didn’t feel like going home, so I decided there was no harm in making myself available to you should you need me.” She took a deep breath. It was time to put the question out there. “Did you know Dane is a—”
“Wolfen? Yeah I know.”
“How do you—”
He stopped and turned toward her with confusion and passion in his deep blue eyes. For several seconds he stared at her, like he was trying to get inside her head. Guess what she was thinking. “I’m the leader of the Night Runners,” he finally said.
She imagined he’d told her something he’d never told another human being before.
What the hell was she going to do now?

USA Today Bestselling Author Robin Bielman lives in Southern California with her high school sweetheart husband, two sons, and crazy-cute mini Labradoodle, Harry. When not attached to her laptop, she can almost always be found with her nose in a book. She also likes to run, hike, and dip her toes in the ocean. Filled with wanderlust, she longs to visit many different places and fulfill her curiosity. She wouldn’t mind indulging her sweet tooth in every location either. She’s a lover of sticky notes, cable television shows and coffee drinks. Writing is a dream come true, and she still pinches herself to be sure it’s real.

She writes contemporary and paranormal romance and loves to connect with readers. Learn more and sign up for her newsletter on her website at She can also be found online here:




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Movie Monday Recap

Had to watch since it had Jeremy Renner in it. Spoiler: Though I lost interest once he died. And I found her annoying through most of the movie.
Very good. Daughter read the book for school and we watched the movie. She said it was pretty faithful to the book.
Elijah Wood and John Cusack. Can't go wrong with that. And I really enjoyed the story and Elijah's performance. He does a lot with no dialogue.
Can't decide if I like this one. I liked the performances, but well when you have zombies in a Sleeping Beauty story you can't really expect a lot. Effects and costumes were laughable. But again the actors did a lot with what they had and I couldn't turn it off.
You have to watch just for the boombox scene. Plus, John Cusack is incredible as the slacker who falls in love with the smartest girl in town.
Loved this as a teenager. It is a bizarre movie. But what Johnny Depp movie isn't bizarre. Please Mr. Jailor is my favorite scene and always will be. Can't get the song out of my head.
I actually started a lot of movies this week, but didn't finish them. Some drama and some thriller. What movies did you watch this week?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Q&A and #Giveaway: Secrets of Hallstead House by Amy M. Reade

Secrets of Hallstead House

By: Amy M. Reade


Q&A with Amy M. Reade

What was the spark or initial idea that started your book?

I was attending a three-night writing workshop at a local library and the assignment for the second night was to come up with an idea for a story. I decided first that I wanted to write a story about a nurse (I don’t know what made me pick a nurse!). She had to have a mystery to solve and a love interest along the way. In my head, all the action took place in the Thousand Islands of New York State, so there was never any question about the setting. And that’s how Secrets of Hallstead House was born.

What was your favorite part of writing this book?

My favorite part of Secrets, as well as the book I’ve written since then and the one I’m working on now, is trying to weave a story with believable characters, a setting that makes people want to visit the place I’m writing about, and suspenseful twists that keep readers turning the pages. I guess you could say it’s the story construction that’s my favorite part.

What is your favorite line from your book?

“The place where he hid later came to be known as Devil’s Oven.”

What movie or television show would you say is most like your book in tone, topic, and/or characters?

I would say Secrets of Hallstead House is most like the movie “Laura.” It’s a film from 1944 about a New York City homicide detective searching for the murderer of Laura Hunt, a wealthy and successful advertising executive. There are several suspects, and the investigation takes some surprising turns, so the detective has a daunting task ahead of him.

If your book was made into a movie and you got to design the movie poster, what would the tagline say?

Secrets run deep.


Macy Stoddard had hoped to ease the grief of losing her parents in a fiery car crash by accepting a
job as a private nurse to the wealthy and widowed Alexandria Hallstead. But her first sight of Summerplace is of a dark and forbidding home. She quickly finds its winding halls and shadowy rooms filled with secrets and suspicions.

Alex seems happy to have Macy’s help, but others on the island, including Alex’s sinister servants and hostile relatives, are far less welcoming. Watching eyes, veiled threats…slowly, surely, the menacing spirit of Hallstead Island closes in around Macy. And she can only wonder if her story will become just one of the many secrets of Hallstead House…

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Author Info

Amy M. Reade is a debut author of romantic suspense. A native of upstate New York, she grew up in the Thousand Islands region and was inspired by the natural beauty of that area to write her first novel, Secrets of Hallstead House. She now lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children, a Bouvier des Flandres named Orly, and two rescued cats who refuse to answer to their names of Porthos and Athos.

Upon graduation from Cornell University and Indiana University School of Law, Amy practiced law in New York City, but soon discovered that her dream job was writing. In addition to volunteering with school, church, and community groups, Amy is currently working on her second novel, set in the area around Charleston, South Carolina.

Though Amy lives within sight of the Atlantic Ocean, she is partial to the blue waters of the Pacific and spends as much time as possible on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is the setting of her as-yet-unwritten third novel.

Author Links


Kensington Publishers is giving away TWO Ebook Copies of SECRETS OF HALLSTEAD HOUSE at EACH stop on the tour. Comment below to be entered in the giveaway. Entries will be accepted until August 3rd. Two random commenters will be sent to Kensington. Make sure to leave your email address.

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Movie Monday Recap

Here's what I've been watching....
Starts off typical, but goes on several loops and turns as the survivors try to survive and escape. Very good. 
Typical Jason Statham. I enjoy him with kids. Not a huge fan of James Franco though. But I enjoyed the women actors.
It started off with some promise. But the fact that you never do find out what is causing everyone to vanish was annoying.
Mostly watching TV shows this week. So only three movies that I watched all the way through. What movies did you watch this week?

Book Blast and #Giveaway - Matt Archer: Redemption by Kendra C. Highley

Matt Archer Redemption 
Matt Archer: Redemption  

“There’s more to me than you know…”

When Matt Archer’s sister, Mamie, said those words to him three years ago, he had no idea how prophetic they were, or what this would mean for his family. Now, he knows. And it changes everything, bringing the war right to Matt’s doorstep. In the epic conclusion to the Matt Archer series, the endgame is near. Betrayed by an enemy, the wielders have been called off the hunt by their own government, despite increasing reports of paranormal activity—and deaths—worldwide. Matt is forced to sit on the sidelines, knowing that proving monsters exist means revealing who—and what—he is. Soon the world will know his name…which will only make his job harder. Matt’s only hope resides with a man he barely knows—his father. If Erik Archer can put together the final puzzle before the monsters do, maybe they’ll have a chance. Maybe. Mystery, tragedy and the power of family combine as Matt races to win the war and save the people he loves. There’s just one thing he’s afraid of…

It might already be too late.

Author Kendra C. Highley
Kendra C. Highley lives in north Texas with her husband and two children. She also serves as staff to two self-important and high-powered cats. This, according to the cats, is her most important job. She believes chocolate is a basic human right, running a 10k is harder than it sounds, and that everyone should learn to drive a stick-shift. She loves monsters, vacations, baking and listening to bad electronica.
book blast button        

Blast Giveaway $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 8/6/14 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the publisher. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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Mafia Secret Reviews

My publisher wants me to get some more reviews on my romantic suspense novel. If you've read Mafia Secret I would really appreciate a review. Good or bad.

Lessa Noelle grew up never knowing she was the illegitimate daughter of a mafia king pin. After his murder, she finds herself a surprise heiress immersed in the dangerous world of organized crime with only the guidance of Marco Santo her father’s second in command to help her.

Marco searches for her father’s killer and tries to keep the realities of his life from touching her. An uneasy attraction blossoms between the two. An already dangerous situation turns volatile when a killer turns his attention to Lessa.

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Movie Monday Recap

I've been watching lots of movies this week. Some really good. Some old favorites. And some not so good.
Just as good as I remembered. Excellent cast, story, and pacing.
Not as powerful as I remember it being, but still a very good movie.
Early part of the movie was a little predictable for me, but did like the second half a lot more.
Great movie! Excellent performances, script, and plot.
Good movie. Was surprised by the very end.
Wow. I was surprised at how good. Not a happy ending as can be expected in most Indie horror movies.
I wasn't expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. Pretty good.
I really like this one and the addition of Luna.