Six Sentence Sunday - Mafia Secret

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Mafia Secret is a romantic suspense novel about a cheerleading coach who is thrust into the dangerous world of organized crime when she learns she’s the illegitimate daughter of a mafia king pin. 

Tires squealed on the hot pavement. Lessa Noelle looked up from her purse where she’d been digging for her keys. The car hadn’t been there a second ago, but now it was barreling down on her. She froze for a micro-second.

It was going to hit her.
She stepped back. 

Coming soon from Tell-Tale Publishing.


  1. Digging in the purse. How many of us are guilty of that? Glad she heard the tires squealing! Given the state of my purse, I would have been run over.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Virginia. Yeah, the bottomless pit of the purse is a dangerous thing.


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