Mafia Secret Bonus Scene

In honor of Mafia Secret being released in print I'm going to share with you an extra scene that wasn't released in the book. I originally started the book in Marco's POV, but when I changed it to Lessa's POV this part was cut. For those who've read the book, you know that Jiovanni left a letter for each family member after his death. Here is Jiovanni's letter to Marco:

Marco ~

Looks like I’m dead. A part of me hopes it was natural causes, but both of us know that men in our profession rarely die from natural causes. Hopefully, I took the bastard out, but if I didn’t, I trust you and Jio will take care of my killer.

You watch Jio’s back. He might not want your help, but he’ll need it with all the opportunist who will try to take advantage of my untimely demise. 

But on to the reason for this special letter. I’ve instructed Ryan to give it to you as soon as I’ve died. I’m trusting you to carry out my final wish.

I have another daughter, Alessandra, who I’ve never acknowledged publicly. I don’t believe she even knows that I am her real father. I made the mistake of swearing on my life to her mother that I would never contact Alessandra. Well, since I’m no longer alive and bound by my promise I can do as I please. I’m tasking you with bringing her back into the family. If she is resistant, tell her it was her father’s last request that she attend his funeral and meet her family.

Remember she knows nothing of this life and you will need to keep her safe from outside and possibly inside threats.

~ Jiovanni


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