Interview & #Giveaway for Taming Johnny by Kaylie Newell

I'm so happy to have Kaylie (one of my writing pals) here and talking about her latest release, Taming Johnny.

What was the spark or initial idea that started your book?

I worked as a police records clerk for close to ten years.  Some of the officers could be a little grumpy.  (Okay.  A lot grumpy.)  It’s a really stressful job and that stress tends to show itself when you least expect it.  But underneath their harsh exterior, was usually a big old teddy bear.  Johnny is a culmination of a lot of the men I worked with.  When you got to the bottom of all that alpha male-ness, they were kind, funny, protective and sweet.  Perfect romance heroes ;)

What was your favorite part of writing this book? 

Finishing it! This was a doozy as far as difficult books go.  I told my editor it was exactly like Johnny himself- fighting me every step of the way.  But I’m so glad I didn’t give up.  What a ride!  Johnny Street is now one of my all time favorite heroes.  He’s so sexy and damaged.  Yummy.
What is your favorite line from your book?  

 “Let’s just say I wouldn’t be the first, Beaumont.  Or the last.”  
What movie or television show would you say is most like your book in tone, topic, and/or characters?  

If you’ve ever seen scrubs, Dr. Cox is very much like Johnny.  He’s got a sharp tongue and tough exterior.  But underneath, he loves fiercely.  Is very loyal.  It takes time to get down to the really good stuff, but when you finally do, it’s well worth it ;)

If your book was made into a movie and you got to design the movie poster, what would the tagline say? 

 GREAT question! 
Taming Johnny: You’ll love to hate him.


He's got the temperament of a lion, and she's just the one to tame him.

Police records clerk Emma Beaumont has always played it safe, never taking many risks. Quiet, shy, and a little overweight, she's convinced herself that she's comfortable with the way her life is. That is until she lays eyes on incredibly sexy Lieutenant Johnny Street. But she's never met anyone with such a terrible attitude. He's a jerk. Everyone thinks so.

Little by little, Emma is forced to uncover a stronger, spunkier part of herself, one that isn't afraid to stand up to him. As she gets to know him, she starts seeing glimpses of a very different man. A man who has known great heartache, and as it turns out, has good reason for embracing such bitterness. Behind his sharp tongue and harsh demeanor, lies a young man who's desperately afraid of losing what's left of himself.

As Emma's intense desire for Johnny turns to love, she will have to ask herself how far she'll go to chip away at his frosty heart. And at what cost.

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and strong language


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Author Info

For Kaylie Newell, storytelling is in the blood. Growing up the daughter of two gifted writers, she knew eventually she’d want to follow in their footsteps. While she’s written short stories her whole life, it wasn’t until after her kids were born that she decided to shoot for the moon and write her first romance novel. She hasn’t looked back since!

Kaylie lives in Southern Oregon with her husband, two little girls, two indifferent cats and a Chihuahua named Pedro.

She would love to hear from you! You can find her at:!/profile.php?id=1121007272!/KaylieNewell

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